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Instructor Information:

I’m passionate about statistics, data science, object oriented programming and psychology/mental health. I currently have 20 courses, hosted on my website here (, but also on other popular educational platforms (My Udemy Profile, Skillshare, Experfy).

I developed an expertise in SAS programming and beginner/intermediate statistics largely through my schooling and partly self-study. I started teaching SAS programming online in 2016. I’m also self-taught in object oriented programming.

I’m a former Graduate student in Educational Psychology. Two years into the program I decided that I could make a bigger difference in the world by being outside the clinical context of helping one client at a time. By teaching what I’ve learned in from my 6 years of studying Psychology (4 years of Bachelors and 2 of Graduate), I can help more people at once. I can also apply my stats, programming, and data science skills to advance the mental and physical health fields from the outside, hopefully improving the quality of life for many people at once.

I enjoy receiving messages from students who have passed exams, obtained interviews, or gained employment, from taking one of my courses.

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How to Learn SAS Online? With Tutor Support.

This particular course ‘SAS Online Tutor for Base Programming’ focuses on Base SAS Training. You will be learning the SAS programming language, so if you are SAS Enterprise Guide user, this course will bring you a lot of value. I have other courses that focus on more advanced SAS topics. (ie SAS SQL or PROC SQL).

My SAS Programming course is ideal for those who prefer to have some tutor support while learning at their own pace. I (Ermin) will be your SAS online tutor for base programming. This, and other advantages (outlined later on in the article), are why you should learn SAS on my site here, as opposed to buying my content on other platforms where I have uploaded (ie SAS Programming Complete Course on Udemy ).

I have been teaching SAS for many years on popular platforms like Udemy. I can tell you that based on student feedback and reviews, that prior to registering for my course, a good number of students were not sure how to learn SAS properly. You might be in that same situation. Nevertheless, after they completed the course, they were happy they chose my course. Why? Well, my favorite private messages from former students go something like: “I just passed my SAS interview/exam and it is all thanks to your course! I knew nothing about SAS programming before I bought your course. And I didn’t use any resource aside from your course”. You don’t know how happy these kinds of messages make me!

Flexible Video Tutorials with Support from a SAS Online Tutor for Base Programming 

One great advantage of online courses and video tutorials is the flexibility. You get to watch the video tutorials when you have time and there is no deadline to complete the video tutorials. You can also ask questions right below a specific video lesson, and if you get really stuck, you can schedule a 30 minute appointment with me to discuss any difficulties. Do not hesitate to ask any questions at any point in your learning journey. Questions about a work project or homework are also welcome during this 30 minute appointment.

Why SAS Base Programming?

SAS can refer to both the software (developed by SAS Institute) but also the programming language itself. This SAS Programming course teaches you the language,  the sas code, enabling you to use whichever software you choose.

If you are already working with SAS at your place of employment, you are probably looking for SAS Enterprise Guide training. While I don’t use Enterprise Guide in this course, the course will still be useful for those seeking SAS Enterprise Guide Training. SAS Enterprise Guide utilizes a point and click interface but you can choose to program instead of pointing and clicking. You’ll have a distinct advantage by learning how to program as very few people have the coding skills. 

Software like World Programming System (source: World Programming System (Wiki) ) allows you to use the SAS language and produce the same results just if you were using SAS software (SAS Studio, SAS OnDemand, SAS Enterprise Guide, etc). This is the software that I personally use.

SAS, as of 2019, is very popular and in demand. Did you know that 92% of Fortune 100 companies use SAS? Companies like Honda, Nestle, Bank of America, and Lufthansa are just some of the companies that use SAS. (source: Customer Stories )

If you are interested in working for these companies and enjoy data analysis, data management, data management, and statistical analysis, this is the ideal course for you.

What is included in my base sas programming course, beyond the obvious focus on base sas training?

Here’s a free preview of one of the videos available when you buy my full sas programming course ‘SAS Online Tutor for Base Programming’.

In this particular video I go over how to filter observations. All the videos are 720 or 1080p.

What else?

Learn how to use sas import for xlsx data-sets. For example, how to use proc import (proc step) for xslx files or the data step. You will also learn how to import .csv and .txt files, and how to import SPSS files.

Learn about SAS formats and SAS informats.

I will show you how to use SAS to merge datasets, how to create variables, filter observations, sort observations, clean your data, use conditional logic, and much more!

Learn input types and user-defined formats.

Learn SAS functions by example (RAND, LENGTH,TRIM, COMPRESS, and more).

How to create a SAS Array in situations where it makes sense, to make your life easier. For example, learn how to use a sas array to create many variables at once instead of one by one. In another example, I show you how to use a sas array to recode your variables.

Be able to show your data visually (ie graphs).

Apply Macro Programming can give you greater flexibility and save you time!

Learn SAS from Example: Integration Assignments and a Health Care related case study lets you integrate all the individual elements you learned.

Act Now and Learn SAS Online

Don’t wait.Other SAS tutorials are available on the internet but I have no doubt you will my course. Start learning data analysis, data management, data manipulation, and statistical analysis, so you can become a top data analyst! Students who have taken this course via other platforms have told me that it helped them get ahead at work or find a new job. Let me be your SAS Online Tutor for Base Programming.

Other SAS programming courses:

Predictive Modeling; SAS Predictive Modeling Training


  1. ededic84

    Some reviews about the course posted on other platforms:

    Very detailed and well explained so far… The short, concise lessons have really helped me keep organized and moving along without getting burned out. This course has been really helpful coming from zero experience! Drew Collum

    I like how the lecturer goes step by step, and also how he sounds natural, chirpy and humourous. He is also extremely knowledgeable in the subject. Makes the lessons enjoyable and fruitful. Highly recommended. Just a note though that some parts of the videos were softer and sometimes the screen was blurred and I could not see the codes properly. Kang Xiaoting

    This course cover most of the basic to intermediate knowledge in SAS. I wish it has more hands-on but I did enjoy the assignments and the case-study in particular. The pace is right and tone is professional. Great course overall! Ibrahim Badaru

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